Club History

Richmond African Violet Society: The Beginning

In October 1948, the Barton Heights Garden Club in Richmond held the first African Violet show at the Battery Park Community House. The club promoted the event throughout the Richmond area. Earlier in the year, the first African Violet show in Virginia had been held in Alexandria. Many who participated in the Richmond show expressed their desire to establish a local group devoted to the culture of African Violets.

In November, a meeting to establish an organization was held with more than 30 in attendance. By the next meeting in December, officers were elected and the constitution and bylaws, based on those of the American African Violet Society, were established.

Highlights from the constitution and bylaws included the Richmond African Violet Society as the name of the club, with horticultural, educational and social purposes. Dues were established at two dollars per year. New members joined by personal written application and majority approval of active members. Meetings were held on first Wednesdays, with one meeting per quarter to be in the evening and to include guest privileges.

Officers included President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer. Committees included Programs, Membership, Publicity, Horticulture, Telephone and Historian. There was record of Hospitality as well.

The Richmond African Violet Society is affiliated with The African Violet Society of America and the Mid-Atlantic African Violet Society.

Margaret Bruckhart